The Masks

The Droid

Name :               Blondin

Year :                    2006

Weight :           2 pounds

Dimensions:  12ÙÙx 8ÙÙ x 2ÙÙ

Price :                 350.00 $

Description :Mask inspired from a close friend including parts fromTriumph Tr4 and Spitfire.

Made with:Timing chain cover(Tr4) Valves springs (Spit)Pinion gear(Spit)Trunk inge(Tr4) and Tennax (Tr4)

Name :             Beaulieu

Year :                   2006

Weight :           2 pounds

Dimensions:12ÙÙ x 2 ‘Ù x 2.5 ‘Ù

Price :                350.00$

Description :   Mask inspired from a dead friend and made with Triumph Tr6 parts.

Including: Timing chain cover,rocker arm,  pinion gear and push rods.

Name :              The Droid

Year :                     2006

Weight :             2 pounds

Dimensions:   12ÙÙx 8ÙÙ x 2.5ÙÙ

Price :                    350.00

Description :Inspired from Star WarÙs droid C3P0.

 Made with Triumph TR3 parts.

Including:Timing chain cover and transmission gears.
Pin Head 

Name :               Linda

Year :                 2006

Weight :         2 pounds

Dimensions: 20ÙÙ x 7ÙÙ x 2 ‘Ù

Price :                350.00$ (Sold)

Description :Mask inspired from an ex.

Including parts from triumph Tr6 and Austin mini.
Made with:Timing chain cover (mini ) Chain(Tr6) Gear (mini) Rocker (mini)

Name :             Scarface    

Year :                  2007 

Weight :         2 pounds

Dimensions:12ÙÙ x 8ÙÙ x 2.5ÙÙ

Price :              300.00$

Description :   Fusion between plastic and steel.

Made with Austin Healey and MGB parts.

Including: Engine plate (MGB) and back lights

(AH & MGB)
Name :          Pin Head     
 Year :               2006          

 Weight :      1.5 pound        

Dimensions:10ÙÙx 7ÙÙ x 2ÙÙ    

Price :              350.00$             
Description :  Inspired from a punk seen on the street.

 Made with Austin mini parts. Including:Timing chain cover,adjusting screws and oil pump parts.

The Yuppy
Womans of my life

Name :            The Yuppy  

Year :                   2006

Weight :           3 pounds

Dimensions: 12ÙÙ x 8ÙÙ x 2.5ÙÙ

Price :                 350.00$

Description : Sporty & classy guy...a real Yuppy!

Made from Triumph Tr6 and Tr3 parts.

Including: Timing chain cover(Tr3) rocker arm(Tr6)

Brake lining(Tr6) and push rod (Tr3)

Name :        Womans of my life....

Year :                      2006

Weight :             2 pounds

Dimensions:      12ÙÙx 8ÙÙ x 2ÙÙ

Price :                 350.00$ Sold

Description : Inspired from womans passing in my life...      

Made from Triumph parts.

Including: Timing chain cover, chain, oil pump part, transmissionÙs gear.

Name :             The Demon   

Year :                     2006

Weight :            3 pounds

Dimensions:   12ÙÙ x 8ÙÙ x 2ÙÙ

Price :                   400.00$

Description :  Inspired by my questionnings...

Created from Austin Healey,MGB,and Tr4 parts.

Including:Engine plate(MGB) door handles(Tr4)

Trunk knob(MGB)reflectors(AH)rear lens(MGB)

Name :              Interrogator

Year :                      2006

Weight :             2 pounds

Dimensions:   15ÙÙx 13ÙÙ x 2ÙÙ

Price :                   300.00$    

Description :  A regard thru the futur...

Created from MGB & Austin Healey chrome parts.

Including:Seat handles(MGB)lever contour(MGB)

Trunk inge (AH)air intake grill (MGB)

Name :             Nostalgia     

Year :                  2006

Weight :           0.5 Kg

Dimensions:15ÙÙ x 9ÙÙ x 2ÙÙ

Price :               400.00$     

Description : Out of a chrome parts box comming

from my Austin Healey BJ8  restauration.

Including: Door handles,window handles and air intake grill.